History and Philosophy of Computing (HaPoC)

The Special Interest Group HaPoC works to reinforce the role of the community of historians and philosophers of computing within the larger computability community and to provide the latter with an interface to relevant research topics in history and philosophy of computing.

This Special Interest Group is managed by the Commission for the History and Philosophy of Computing (www.hapoc.org) which exists since 2013 under the auspices of the Division for the History of Science and Technology, and since 2015 as an Interdivision Commission under the Division for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology. The Commission is active in the promotion of scientific activities related to the History and Philosophy of Computing, with a bi-annual Conference and Workshop Series. Since 2018, the Commission also supports externally organised events that have a clear connection with topics within its scope. Members of the Commission have been responsible for the organization of the Special Session on History and Philosophy of Computing at CiE Conferences since 2015.

The SIG-HaPoC will offer new opportunities of collaborations and discussions for historically aware, philosophically motivated and technically based investigations on the history and philosophy of Computing within the context of ACiE. SIG-HaPoC will support researchers of the ACiE Community involved or just interested in this area by allowing them to participate in the activities of the Commission, including workshops, conferences and the mailing list.

The new special interest group will strengthen the presence of HaPoC related topics at the annual CiE conference, by becoming the official organ responsible for the organization of the HaPoC Special Sessions. Members will discuss the possibilities of further activities during future CiE conferences.

Commission for the History and Philosophy of Computing