Bio-inspired Computation (BiC)

The Special Interest Group in Bio-inspired Computation (BiC) focuses on reinforcing the role of its own community within the larger computability community and on providing the latter with an interface to relevant research topics on models of computation inspired by nature, bio-inspired approaches, and computational problems motivated by biology.

The BiC fosters new opportunities of collaborations and discussions for researchers focusing on bio-inspired computing, in its broadest possible interpretation, within the context of ACiE. BiC supports researchers of the ACiE Community involved or just interested in this area by allowing them to participate in the activities of the SIG, including workshops and conferences.

Since the first edition of CiE 2005, the CiE conference series has always had a special session on bio-inspired computation and the topic is among the main areas of interest of the Association. The SIG helps organizing of such special session.

During its first meeting, the SIG has chosen Paola Bonizzoni as its representative. If you are interested in joining the SIG, you are invited to contact her.

Paola Bonizzoni