Transfinite Computations (TraC)

Transfinite Computations (TraC) is a thriving research area connecting mathematics and theoretical computer science.

The Special Interest Group TraC will bring together these subcommunities, create a unified forum for discussion of research and research questions.

The creation of this new special interest group aims at gathering people interested in transfinite computations and encourage all kind of work linked to Transfinite Computations. This SIG will offer new opportunities of collaborations and discussions to develop the field as well as a better visibility to spread it in Europe.

SIG-TraC supports researchers involved in this area by enabling discussions via a mailing list. The members will discuss the possibilities of further activities during future CiE conferences.


Sabrina Ouazzani
Paris-Est Créteil University
sabrina.ouazzani (at)

Presentation of the TraC SIG at CiE2018 by Merlin Carl