Call for Nominations for 2023 S. Barry Cooper Prize

S. Barry Cooper Prize

The S. Barry Cooper Prize is awarded to a researcher who has contributed to a broad understanding and foundational study of computability by outstanding results, by seminal and lasting theory building, by exceptional service to the research communities involved, or by a combination of these. This award is presented every two to three years, with the presentation taking place at the International Conference Computability in Europe (CiE).

The Prize is named in honor of S. Barry Cooper, the founding President of the Association Computability, in recognition of his vision of the fundamental concept of computability that brought together several different research communities. The awardee shall be invited to the next annual CiE conference to give an invited talk and will be presented with an award plaque on this occasion.

Nominations and Eligibility

Nominations may be made by any member of the scientific community and any such member can be nominated. Nomination letters can have multiple signatories and should provide a motivation for awarding the prize to the nominee, precisely stating their outstanding results, their seminal and lasting theory building, and/or their exceptional service to the research communities involved.

Nominations for the award should be submitted by email to the Award Committee Chair

Anuj Dawar (University of Cambridge)

Any emails and related messages should have the subject line starting with “S. Barry Cooper Prize 2023”.

To be considered, nominations for the 2023 Prize must be received by 31 January, 2023.

A nomination package should include:

1. A statement of motivation for awarding the prize to the nominee describing the nominee’s outstanding results, their seminal and lasting theory building and/or exceptional service to the research communities, as the case may be. These should be supported by at least one of

– A list of the most important publications, accompanied by a brief summary of the technical content of the papers and a brief explanation of their significance. Where possible, this should include pointers to online versions of the publications.

– A statement explaining the role played and the exceptional services rendered by the nominee, in the research communities involved in computability and related areas.

2. A support letter or letters signed by at least two members of the scientific community. The nomination package must be in English, but it may include reference to publications in other languages.

Selection Process

The Award Committee is solely responsible for the selection of the winner of the award. All matters relating to the selection process that are not specified here are left to the discretion of the Award Committee, whose decision will be final.

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