Statement on the war in Ukraine

The Association Computability in Europe, its Council and Executive Committee, express great sorrow and concern for the war in Ukraine and the attack on the freedom and peace of its population.

ACiE supports the values of peaceful and harmonious coexistence of people building towards universal scientific knowledge. To this aim, we believe that geopolitical divergences among nations should uniquely be resolved through the legitimate means of international diplomacy and that the violent invasion of a sovereign nation and its consequences on the population are never acceptable.

We join the expression of concern of several other academic and scientific institutions around the world for the suffering imposed on the Ukrainian population. We also support those Russian citizens and members of the scientific community who are opposing the military aggression pursued by their own country.

ACiE will remain active in supporting its members directly affected in their personal and professional lives and in guaranteeing that principles of peace, diversity and rational agreement will always be at the basis of its own scientific endeavours.

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